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Katlynn Mcnab
Katlynn Elizabeth Mcnab was Born In Scottsdale, Arizona September 9 1993 she began skating in 1999 when she was Six years old.

Katlynn was born in Scottsdale, Arizona On September 9 1993 in 2008 she moved to Riverside, California She has two dogs Sweetie and Bella her best friend in Japanese Figure Skater Ellie Kawamura

Katlynn began skating in 1999 when she was 6 her former coach Dawn Piepenbrink-MCosh coached her untill 2008 when Katlynn moved to Riverside, California She when the whole South West Pacific In 2005 and became the future champion. She started skating when she went with her friend to the ice rink they both took lessons but Katlynn wanted to carry it on. After going on public session Katlynn saw a girl in the rink doing Jumps Spins and said to herself she wanted to that one day. As dawn rememberd when she started with her Katlynn was very Spunky And outgoing she had a first for knowledge so she kept dawn on her toes. In 2002 she came 1st in the Silver State Open and 2002 Fiesta Skate in 2003 she made through 3 final rounds in the reginal championships she then became an ultinate to go to the Junior Championships. Because of because of those placement she was asked to skate at the opening of Johnny Weir and Brian Boitano Magic Christmas On Ice she was the only girl at her juvinile standerd who was asked to do a solo. In 2005 Southwest Paciffic Regionals she won 1st place 2005 Tuscan intervietol 2005 fiesta skate and 2005 Cactus Classic. She recived 8 first place medals in Liberty 2005 she was allways qualified to her final round with that routine the song was Shostakovich - Jazz Suite No. 2 in 2006 she went to the regionals and placed first in her qualifing round and that advanced her to Junior Nationals and she placed 1st in the first round and 2nd in the second round. She got invited to belgum to do a young internatiol competers competition and placed 1st for both rounds. She went onto do a Cactus Classic 2008 and this eailer this year did the National competion. She placed 4th.

Katlynn and her former coach did a documentry for youtube in 2006 that is still on today she is nearly 12 when the documentry was made. Apart from that loads of montages have been made for her.
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